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Having a strong foundation is the most vital part of a home’s overall well-being. If the support structure is failing, the rest of your home will quickly show signs of deterioration. The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage becomes. Still, it can be hard to know what condition your foundation is in. After all, the majority of it is hidden and difficult to reach. If you suspect that damage exists, it might be time to call in foundation repair experts that can conduct a proper inspection.
USA Foundation Repair is a local Corpus Christi company that specializes in foundation repair, home leveling and pier and beam repair. There are a few signals that homeowners can look for when deciding if it’s time to call in the experts. If your coastal bend property is exhibiting any of the following symptoms of damage, you may be in need of our services.

Cracks or Fractures
If you see cracks or hairline fractures on the side of your foundation slab or on the exterior walls, you are probably experiencing some foundation issues. Look for vertical, zigzag and horizontal lines.

Sagging Floors
Shifts in the foundation often cause problems with flooring. If your home has floorboards that are swelling, lifting or buckling you are more than likely experiencing damage and need to call a foundation repair expert to assess the problem before it becomes worse. Uneven floors not only detract from the value of your property, but they are a safety hazard to those living in or visiting your home.

Water Damage
If you live in an area with frequent flooding, or if a structural issue causes water to pool near your homes foundation, it can cause severe damage to the support structure of your house. Just as water erodes rock in nature, the same will occur with any concrete slab. Water seeps through the concrete, and over time changes in temperature cause the concrete to expand and contract. If more water fills those small fissures, eventually this ongoing process will begin to break apart the concrete and cause larger cracks and movement. Water damage can also cause mold to grow in wooden beams underneath your flooring. If you suspect that your South Texas home is on land that is prone to flooding or frequent water exposure, don’t hesitate. Call USA Foundation Repair so you can get help before the problem grows.

Buckling Interior Walls
Interior wall conditions are one of the key factors in diagnosing foundation issues. If the paint or plaster is splitting or if cracks are visible on the walls inside your home, there is a likely chance that you are in need of foundation repair services.

Windows and Doors
In time, fixtures in your home will settle slightly. The occasional loose fitting door or window may have a simple solution that is not associated with foundation problems. However, if your home is relatively new or if you find yourself replacing doors and windows often, there may be an underlying issue. Inspect your home’s fixtures often to make sure they are fitting snuggly in place.

Our highly qualified specialists use state of the art concrete piling and drilled pier techniques to restore the integrity of your home’s most valuable asset. We can schedule an appointment for one of our foundation experts to determine the condition of your property’s foundation. If your Corpus Christi house or business is experiencing one or more of these problems, give USA Foundation Repair a call today.

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USA Foundation Repair can cover both commercial & residential foundation repair services in Corpus Christi.
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